Holy Trinity Weymouth with St Nicholas

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Holy Trinity in Weymouth, Dorset is a friendly, approachable and open church playing a central role in the local community.

We welcome visitors to our services from all Christian denominations and none, and they are all welcome to join us as we worship and share communion together.

From the Vicar’s letter this month…

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS When Moses came down from the mountain his face shone. He had been close to, and had spoken with, God. (Read Exodus 34:29-35.) Elijah had a similar experience, again, on a mountain top. After a raging storm he recognised God’s presence in the calm and peace, in the…” Continue reading

View of Holy Trinity across the harbour, painted by G Powell

Our mission

The foundation of our life in the Church is worship and prayer, as we support each other on the journey of faith. In the power of God’s spirit we are sent out to make Christ known in the communities he has called us to serve.

Latest news

Thought for the Week 17th June 2018

As a young lad I used to love it when the strawberry season came. I used to earn pocket money picking strawberries. They are such fragile plants yet after a year they produce a precious and delicate fruit. Christians are like this. The fruit of our lives should be forgiveness, peace, care and love: precious and fragile qualities in our society. Although not easy, we are asked to try hard to use our faith to inspire such a crop in us every day. The Bible often uses the images of seeds and crops to illustrate the nature of the faith growing within us.

Canon Andrew

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